Join Us!

We want to warmly welcome you to the group.

None of us knew each other until this group was formed, and we have made some great friendships.

 Put yourself out there, 
you'll be glad you did.

Also, keep in mind field-trips are busy and a hard time to get to know others, if you're looking for friendship and support we really recommend unstructured play days (the park) and joining us for Grown-Ups Night Out.

 (Your first and last name is required as your display name before approval into the group for safety reasons.)

You will be taken to our private BAND group where an admin will approve your membership.

You can also open your phone's camera and scan this QR code to join!

What is BAND?  
BAND is an app that is just like Meetup or Facebook groups but better (in our opinion).
It's free, and extremely user friendly.

You can use BAND on a desktop or your mobile device.