*If you are new to homeschooling, we recommend you visit
in addition to joining us.  They can answer any question you might have about homeschooling. They also have a Facebook group you can join for community support as well.

It is important to know that all events are optional.  We homeschool because of the flexibility, come to what suits your family.    

Is there a fee to join this group? 
There are currently no fees to join our group.

Is the group on Facebook? 
Yes and no.  We have a "landing page" for anyone who might be searching for a local homeschool group.  The landing page is non-active and will direct them to this website, which will then point them to the BAND app. 

Who can see the information here or on BAND?  
Information and photos on this site can be seen by the public.  The BAND group is private, and only approved members can view the content. 

Who can join? 
The group is open to all homeschoolers in the area.
*You must have a child pre-school age or greater to join.

Can anyone post an event?
Yes!  We have organizers who help plan events, but every member is welcome and encouraged to host an event.

Do I have to host an event?  
How many events do I have to attend yearly?
There are seasons to homeschooling.  We do not have any requirements at this time. 

RSVPing to events
RSVP's are pretty important around here.  If you're unable to attend an event, please update your RSVP asap, even if it's 10 minutes before the event.

Can I invite others to join? 
Absolutely! Many of us are members of other support groups or co-ops, and this group isn’t designed to replace them. All are welcome! 

Types of Monthly Events: 
Social Activity- usually free, like a park day, Holiday Party or anything that cultivates friendship and play
A Scheduled Class- These are things our kids would not normally learn at home and unique in nature.
Monthly Field TripWe plan one for each month of the school year during a "Grown Ups Night Out."
Grown Ups Night Out- It's a great way to get a break and the support you need to be the teacher and parent that you want to be.  It's also a great way to strengthen friendships and also plan for future events as a group.

Yearly Events: 

Valentine's Day Party (our biggest event every year)
The Nutcracker Suite (Ballet Met)- booked in July
Homeschool Science Fair/Worlds Fair 
Christmas Party
Halloween Party
Zoombezi Bay Education Days 

(Other examples of field-trips)
-a tour at a local business 
-canoeing day trip
-horseback riding
-ski lessons 
-field-trip to the local fire department 
-group field-trip to a pumpkin patch/apple orchard/maple syrup farm 
-meet at a local park, kids can bring their bikes, basketballs, games, etc. 
-a holiday gathering with games, crafts, read aloud, etc. 
-invite others to an indoor play place (trampoline park)
-plan a day to COSI, the zoo, a museum
-a sledding day 

-plan a physical activity like a swim day, hiking, ice skating
-invite others to a library function
-Lego Play Day
-invite members to a play (for example: the MetBallet has discounted school days just for kids)
-community service project (we have made treats for The Humane Society of Madison Co. and also blankets for the Ronald McDonald House of Columbus)